directionally solidified iron-chromium-aluminum-tantalum carbide eutectic alloy

by Fredric H. Harf

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  • Eutectic alloys.

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Volume 4, Issue 8, August ISSN: (Print) Carbide reinforcement in two directionally solidified alloyed nickel eutectic alloys. Edward R. Buchanan, Lemuel A. Tarshis Pages . The 5 th International Workshop on Directionally Solidified Eutectic Ceramics (DSEC V), was held in Warsaw, Poland, April 3–7, Since the first gathering in Paris in , every three years this workshop brings together the international community of ceramists and materials scientists studying directionally solidified . @article{osti_, title = {Effects of hafnium additions on the solidification behavior of directionally solidified superalloys. Final report, 1 June August }, author = {Brody, H D and Giamei, .   Naebu, R. D., Misra, A. & Gibara, R. Plastic flow and fracture of B2 NiAl-based intermetallic alloys containing a ductile second phase. Iron Steel Inst. Jpn. 31, – (). .

Metallographic studies of arc melted buttons of columbium base binary, ternary, and quaternary alloys indicate several eutectic alloy systems with a potential for structural applications. A study of a CrCbAl (wt. %) directionally solidified alloy has verified the presence of a eutectic . Oriented Structure and Crystallography of Directionally Solidified LaB6-ZrB2 Eutectic. Journal of the American Ceramic Society , 81 (1), DOI: / by: @article{osti_, title = {Effect of solidification conditions on MC carbides in a nickel-base superalloy in LC}, author = {Liu, L and Sommer, F and Fu, H Z}, abstractNote = {Transition metal carbides (MC) formed in the solidification process of cast nickel-base superalloys were found to affect greatly the mechanical properties and boundary performance of alloys. Freckle defects usually appear on the surface of castings and industrial ingots during the directional solidification process and most of them are located near the interface between the shell mold and superalloys. Ceramic cores create more interfaces in the directionally solidified Cited by:

@article{osti_, title = {Development of two rhenium-containing superalloys for single-crystal blade and directionally solidified vane applications in advanced turbine engines}, author = {Harris, Author: Harris, K. @article{osti_, title = {Understanding the solidification and microstructure evolution during CSC-MIG welding of Fe–Cr–B-based alloy}, author = {Sorour, A.A., E-mail: @ .   Microstructure of As-Cast Alloy. Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the microstructure of an as-cast GTD superalloy with different cooling rates. The microstructure of the GTD superalloy Author: Bo Gao, Yanfei Sui, Hongwei Wang, Chunming Zou, Zunjie Wei, Rui Wang, Yanle Sun.

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Directionally solidified iron-chromium-aluminum-tantalum carbide eutectic alloy. Washington: National Aeronautics and Space Administration ; Springfield, Va.: For sale by the National Technical. A directionally solidified iron-chromium-aluminum-tantalum carbide eutectic alloy / By Fredric H.

Harf, Lewis Research Center. and United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. A eutectic alloy, FeCRAl+9TaC, was directionally solidified in a high gradient furnace, producing a microstructure of alined TaC fibers in an oxidation resistant alpha-iron matrix.

Tensile and stress rupture properties, thermal cycling resistance, and microstructures were evaluated. The alloy. Directionally solidified eutectic (DSE) composites of boride and carbide constituent phases have been investigated since the s as an approach to produce dense composite microstructures with.

Abstract. Al 2 O 3 /TiO 2 eutectics containing 62–64 wt% Al 2 O 3 were fabricated by a laser floating zone method. Raman spectrometry was used to determine the phase composition. The Author: Serkan Abali, Ahmet Ekerim.

Full text of "DTIC ADA Development of Directionally Solidified Eutectic Nickel Alloys for Use in Aircraft Gas Turbines at Metal Temperatures Exceeding C." See other formats AO-A!«• u»Mri ACfiTrrrn UNITED TCCHNOLO«XEI REfEARCH CENTER EAST HARTFORD CONN F/0 11/6 DEVELOPMENT OF DIRECTIONALLY SOLIDIFIED EUTECTIC NICKEL ALLOYS.

Directionally solidified Al2O3-Y3Al5O12(YAG) eutectic fibers have been proposed as an alternative to sapphire and have shown potential for improved toughness, good creep resistance, and increased. The wear behaviors of five different zinc-aluminum (ZA)-based alloys containing silicon, copper, and 8 and 16 pct on volume of reinforcing silicon carbide (SiC) particles were analyzed.

In a vacuum Bridgman-type furnace, under an argon atmosphere, directionally solidified sample of Fe - C alloy was produced. The pulling rate was v = μm/s ( mm/h) and constant temperature. Directionally solidified В4С–TiB2 eutectics doped with different Si contents were prepared by floating zone method.

Silicon doping (up to 3vol.%) prom Cited by: A directionally solidified casting comprising improved high temperature properties is provided having a cobalt-base matrix and consisting essentially of, on a weight basis, % nickel, % tungsten, % chromium, % tantalum, % carbon, the balance being cobalt.

Embedded in the matrix is an aligned tantalum carbide Cited by: 8. The solidification microstructure and the basic mechanical properties of an Fe–26Al–Nb eutectic alloy produced by directionally solidification were investigated.

The microstructure was fully eutectic Fe 3 Cited by: Effect of thermal cycling on the microstructure of a directionally solidified Fe, Cr, Al-TaC eutectic alloy.

Authors; Authors and affiliations; A Directionally Solidified Iron-Chromium-Aluminum-Tantalum Carbide Alloy Cited by: 3. Fracture toughness (K IC), an important property of brittle materials, can be determined by indentation cracking paper reports on an investigation of the fracture toughness of a directionally solidified Al 3 Nb–Nb 2 Al–AlNbNi ternary eutectic Cited by: 4.

Table 1 gives the composition of the Mar-M alloy utilized in the present experiments. A series of twelve experiments were performed with three different hot zone temperatures (,°C) Cited by:   Therefore, alloy 3 shows improved hot corrosion resistance, and the thickness of corrosion products is the thinnest in the three alloys.

Conclusions. The hot corrosion behaviour of a directionally solidified Cited by: Abstract: The effect of recrystallization on the low cycle fatigue life of DZ4 directionally solidified superalloy was investigated for specimens with three different recrystallized layers, which were.

It has been reported that a unidirectionally solidified Al 2 O 3 /YAG eutectic composite has superior flexural strength, thermal stability and creep resistance at high temperature 9,10,11, and. Directionally-solidified eutectic alloys are metallic composite materials with excellent high temperature creep resistance which are being developed for gas turbine blades.

These materials consist of a metallic or inter-metallic matrix reinforced by strong inter-metallic or carbide Cited by: 4. Microstructure and wear resistance of high chromium cast iron containing niobium *Li Wei Male, born inPh.D, Professor.

6 types primary carbide, eutectic carbide, secondary carbide and matrix structure or from adding other alloy elements to refine the primary carbide File Size: 5MB. Volume 8, Is December ISSN: (Print) Creep and fatigue crack propagation in a directionally-solidified carbide eutectic alloy.

Brendon Scarlin Pages OriginalPaper. An experimental study of carbide-austenite equilibria in iron- base alloys. Full text of "Development and Processing of Nickel Aluminide-Carbide Alloys" See other formats •'y r NASA Contractor Report Development and Processing of Nickel Aluminide-Carbide Alloys.

Fracture of Directionally Solidified CaOZrO2-ZrO2 Eutectic. Pages Determination of Fracture Toughness Parameters for Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt Alloys.

Book Title Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics Book. Audio Books & Poetry Community Audio Computers, Technology and Science Music, Arts & Culture News & Public Affairs Non-English Audio Spirituality & Religion. Librivox Free Audiobook. Sweet. Abstract: The effect of a 6T high magnetic field on the microstructure of directionally solidified NiAl-Cr (Mo)-Si near-eutectic alloy was investigated at the withdrawal rates of 2, 10 and 50 μm/s.

The results showed that the microstructure evolved from planar eutectic to primary NiAl dendrites + cellular eutectic.

Directionally Solidified Eutectic (DSE) Super- alloys. Some 22 DSE alloys were surveyed and from these, four alloys, NiTaC, NiTaCB, CoTaC, and AG, were selected for evaluation. It. The analysis is applied to the elastic-plastic yielding of directionally solidified eutectic systems of Co-CoAl which solidify into a lamellar structure.

A plane strain analysis is compared with experiments and Cited by: 2. In this work, a CuCe alloy was prepared using a directional solidification method at a series of withdrawal rates of25, 10, 8, and 5 μm/s. We found that the primary phase microstructure transforms from cellular crystals to cellular peritectic coupled growth and eventually, changes into dendrites as the withdrawal rate increases.

The phase constituents in the directionally solidified Author: Yiku Xu, Zhaohao Huang, Yongnan Chen, Junxia Xiao, Jianmin Hao, Xianghui Hou, Lin Liu.

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For online purchase, please visit us again. The decomposition of the MC in CMLC depends on their morphology and position. Segregation during casting process affected the morphology and composition of MC type carbide in this alloy.

Acicular M6C was found near scriptal MC in the dendrite. Blocky MC near γ-γ' eutectic. Directionally solidified eutectic alloy [gamma-beta] / (Washington: National Aeronautics and Space Administration ; Springfield, Va.: For sale by the National Technical Information Service, ), by .Get this from a library!

Carburization and heat treatment to cause carbide precipitation in gamma/gamma'-delta eutectic alloys. [Surendra N Tewari; Robert L Dreshfield; United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.] -- In an attempt to improve their longitudinal shear strength, several directionally solidified eutectic alloy.

About this book A superalloy, or high-performance alloy, is an alloy that exhibits excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures. Superalloy development has been driven .